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Discover in Microfusa the new Antelope promo. When you buy a Synergy Core audio interface, you get an impressive complete setup for your studio for free.


Antelope Audio is a brand that stands out in the world of sound. Founded by Igor Levin, the well-known creator of the legendary AardSync, it has always stood at the forefront of innovation in the development of synchronization hardware for digital audio. In addition, it stands out for continuously setting new standards of quality and performance for both Home Studios users and the most professional recording studios.

In the Microfusa stores in Barcelona and Madrid and in Microfusa online you have at your disposal the entire Antelope Audio catalog. From its wide range of modeling microphones such as the Edge, to the outstanding 3rd generation Orion 32+ Gen3 interfaces; through the innovative Synergy Core series.

A little over two years ago we talked to you in this article about the launch of the new Sinergy Core, a new technology that would change the pro-audio software industry. It is precisely on this new technology that the new Antelope Audio promo goes. Do you want to find out? Well, keep reading.


The new Antelope promo when buying a Synergy Core audio interface

From October 1 to November 30, when you purchase a Synergy Core audio interface, you get a complete configuration for your dream studio for free. Including the modeling microphone, a fully licensed BitWig Studio DAW, and a complete effects package. All the tools to instantly improve your recordings and unleash your creativity.

Discover everything you can get for free:

BitWig Studio 4

The modern music production and performance DAW for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The innovative music creation and performance software with a wide range of virtual instruments and sound effects that will cover all your creative needs. Over 2,000 factory sounds and presets, including drum machines, acoustic drums, and instrument loops.

The Big 15 FX Bundle

Added to the bundle of effects already included, “The Big 15” will expand the library of your Synergy Core interface:

  • Diode 609 (Diode Bridge Compressor) – Modeled after one of the most versatile and in-demand compressors from the 1980s. It is known for its creamy, thick and smooth sound.
  • BBD-Chorus (Bucket Brigade Chorus) – Modeled after a deep, vibrant chorus pedal from the ’70s. Captivating with dense organic modulation and catchy pitch-shifting vibrato.
  • V12 Chorus (Multi-Voice Stereo Chorus) – A futuristic effect for a new wave of music creators. Imitate several overlapping instruments or singers.
  • Impresser (Stereo Knee Compressor/Limiter) – Modeled after one of the most flexible, powerful, and cutting-edge compressors ever. Add warm, smooth compression or aggressively pump out any audio.
  • BAE-1073MP (Preamplificador de micrófono / línea) – Modeled after a famous mic preamp that shaped the sound of rock and roll records. Adds rich, warm coloration to acoustic instruments and vocals.
  • VEQ-HA32C (EQ de 4 bandas / HPF / LPF) – Modeled after a rich and characteristic console EQ strip. Incredibly versatile, it can handle everything including vocals, bass and electric guitars and drums.
  • UK-69 (ecualizador de 3 bandas / HPF) – Modeled on a classic British console EQ used on recordings by The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, the UK-69 adds astonishing depth and texture to your audio.
  • VEQ-55B (EQ de 4 bandas / HPF / LPF) – Modeled after a classic American equalizer from the 1960s. Offers vintage coloration and a wide range of tonal possibilities.
  • Gyratec XIV (Stereo Passive Tube EQ) – Modeled after Gyraf Audio’s on-demand build unit, the mastering EQ is capable of authentic thickness, depth and character and surgical corrections.
  • Memory Cat Brigade (Bucket Brigade Delay) – Modeled after a guitar pedal released in 1980, the effect features a unique combination of analog and tape delay.
  • Marble White AutoWah (Guitar Pedal) – Modeled after a boutique autowah pedal from Finland. Its fast tracking, astonishing precision, and responsive controls work equally well on guitar and bass.
  • Trémolo de velocidad variable (Tremolo) – A versatile version of the older tremolos, this effect has a five-position wave selector that allows you to choose between sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, and inverted sawtooth modulating waves.
  • Space Flanger (Flanger) – This modulation effect is capable of producing phases, sweeps, and swooshes that sound truly alien.
  • Filtek MK3 (3-band EQ / HPF / LPF) – Modeled after a versatile EQ from the ’70s. Sounds clear and accurate and allows for a lot of experimentation.
  • Blonder Tongue Audio Baton (Tube Graphic EQ) – Modeled after a rare and special EQ from the 1950s that has an actual album named after him. You can increase the clarity of instruments and vocals with ease.

Afx2daw Bridge plugin

The afx2daw plugin allows you to use your Synergy Core effects within the most popular DAWs, providing a native workflow while keeping all processing within the interface.

afx2daw is available for supported Thunderbolt ™ interfaces and Zen Go Synergy Core for macOS and Windows.

Edge Solo modeling microphone

The Edge Solo modeling microphone is capable of creating the right mood for the artist by equipping it with 18 emulations of iconic studio microphones… and much more!

Its refined sound and its ability to adapt to voice and acoustic instruments make it an essential tool in your studio.


How the Antelope Audio promo for Synergy Core works

  1. Buy a Synergy Core audio interface from the promo and wear it along with the Edge Solo modeling microphone.
  2. After activating the interface, you will receive an email with a serial number for the Bitwig Studio license. The license * Includes 12 months of free updates.
  3. After activating the interface, you can assign the free FX package together with afx2daw from Antelope Launcher.

* The license is part of a special offer and as such cannot be resold as a standalone item.

Offer valid only for customers who purchase a new Zen Go Synergy Core, Zen Q Synergy Core, Zen Tour Synergy Core, Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core and Orion Studio Synergy Core audio interface between October 1 and October 30. November. Clients must activate their interface

promo antelope audio synergy core

Discover this incredible offer from Antelope Audio at the Microfusa stores in Barcelona and Madrid and at Microfusa online.


Sepúlveda, 134. Barcelona / Tel.: 934 553 695


Campoamor, 17. Madrid / Tel.: 917 024 587


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