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Microfusa continues to cultivate friendships in the international educational community, in this case with the prestigious Japanese school Otai Record. ( Of course, we warn you that the web is in Japanese 🙂


Located in Akihabara, the technological district of Tokyo, the Otai Record school is a benchmark within the DJ scene and Japanese electronic music culture. Like Microfusa, Otai Record has decades of history in the industry behind it and even has its own store specializing in DJ products and music technology, located in the city of Nagoya. But in addition to the school and the store, the head of the Otai Record group, Yosuke Inoue, has been promoting other activities for years, such as organizing events and a multimedia producer / record label for the promotion of local artists. ( The more than 20,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, as well as his participation since 2013 in the organization of important events such as the DMC JAPAN championship or the BEAT GRANDPRIX (a contest aimed at discovering new Japanese talents) attest to the involvement of Otai Record in Japanese electronic culture.

otai record

Otai Record: Images of the school in Akihabara, Tokyo’s technology district and the store in Nagoya city


Exchange of training content

Otai Record and Microfusa have been working for a long time on a training content exchange agreement that will soon materialize. To start with, in a series of webinars in English. The ELECTRO EXCHANGE project -this is the name of this exchange program- will consist of a series of masterclasses that will be carried out in the form of streaming through the Zoom platform. These webinars will be clearly divided into two parts: the first, a video presentation on the subject, followed in the second part by a question and answer session during which the students will be able to interact live with the teacher. Otai Record will produce for Microfusa content on genuinely Japanese themes such as music production for videogames and anime, Vocaloid, etc., while Microfusa will produce for its Japanese partner webinars on electronic music production, mixing and mastering techniques, etc., always from a European perspective.

otai record

Otai Record participates in the organization of DMC Japan and the Beat Grand Prix contest

Soon we will publish more details, as well as the schedule of the ELECTRO EXCHANGE sessions!


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