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With the microFusa Testimonials we present you first-hand the experiences of our former students, their time at our school and how they have taken advantage of the courses to focus their career.


In the first installment of these Testimonials we introduce you to Aubor, DJ and producer who is beginning to consolidate his career; in the second we introduce you to music producer and sound technician Mateo Amaya. Today in this third installment we present the experiences of Sebastian Hartley (aka Seb Heart), singer and songwriter.

Seb Heart is a clear example for all those who sing or write their own songs and, wishing to dedicate themselves professionally to the world of music, do not know where to start.


Seb Heart, a singer-songwriter with surf in his veins

Sebastian’s origins are halfway between England and France. But his life has taken many turns and has taken him around the world. He is a singer and songwriter with a repertoire that mixes the acoustic and organic music of flok, reggae, roots and soul.

His career as a singer began in 2014 in a place as exotic to us as Dubai. As Sebastian explains: “There were many opportunities to play concerts there, because the music scene is not as developed as in other countries” and he had the opportunity to play at events such as the Quiksliver Sunset Open.

But his concerns soon took him to Perth, Australia, where he studied an eight-month course of Studio Production. He also took the opportunity to discover the culture of surfing. It was then that she saw her music fit her perfectly.

Sebastian was aware of the need for a good training, and in 2016 he traveled to Barcelona to take our Music Production course for two years. The first thing that stands out about his time at the Barcelona school is the passion of the teachers and his good relationship with them and with all their classmates. Not only is the possibility of accessing high-quality studies and equipment important. These relationships that he has established with all of them have been very important to him.

It also highlights the powerful background that the formation of microFusa has provided him to be able to interact professionally in the world of music. Singing and composing is not only about being creative, it also has its physical and real part in which the artist has to relate to technicians and producers. Understanding his work, his vocabulary, is helping you a lot. Sebastian explains that the microFusa training has shown him everything that is not implicit in the artistic aspect of music: knowledge of the music industry especially or recording techniques for example.

In the interview he also talks about his time at Solent University in Southampton (England), to take the last course of the microFusa training. He emphasizes the pleasant experience of sharing the trip with his classmates and the differences between the scene in Barcelona and that of Southampton, a smaller city with more possibilities.

Finally, he leaves us a good advice for future international students: don’t be afraid of the language and get fully involved. Get out of your comfort zone, interact with all the people and get involved in as many projects as possible.

And you know, if you think you have a future in music, do not hesitate, visit our school and discover the courses that will represent the first step in your career.



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