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Ableton Live 12 now available

No matter what music you make and who you are when it comes to creating music, there’s always more to explore in Live. Find out how to go further with Live 12.

Live 12 from Ableton, the latest version of the popular music creation software, is now available.

With this release, the 20% discount promotion on Live 11, which started in mid-November 2023, has concluded.

Users who purchased Live 11 or upgraded from Lite during the promotion will receive a free update to version 12. Additionally, Live 11 has been removed from the catalog to make way for the new version.

Unleash your ideas

  • Transform MIDI patterns

  • Generate inspiration

  • Get the most out of Max for Live

  • Explore and adopt tunings

  • Maintain tonality

  • Edit MIDI more easily

  • Modulate with more flexibility

Algunas de las mejoras de edición MIDI de Live 12

Surprise yourself with the sounds you create

  • Find inspiration

  • Dive into Meld

  • Add color with Roar

  • Express yourself with granular synthesis

Explora la matriz de modulación completa de Meld, osciladores, los LFO y otros parámetros

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