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Exploring the magic of sound: Euphoric Harmonies

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the launch of Euphonia, a professional rotary mixing console, which aims to provide a smooth and natural mixing experience.

Pioneer DJ’s President and CEO Yoshinori Kataoka stated, “We are thrilled to introduce the professional rotary turntable mixer, euphonia. Having seen the evolution of the DJM series since my involvement in the development of the first model in 1995, the DJM-500, I have a special feeling about the euphonia. It is inspired by our customers’ love of music and our dream of creating a new expression of the DJ mixer.”

The new Euphonia 4-channel mixer provides an ecstatic musical experience that combines the clarity of digital with the richness of analog. This holy grail of sound features is possible thanks to the high-resolution wide-range sound design and the inclusion of an analog transformer circuit, developed in collaboration with Rupert Neve Designs, which enhances the harmonics of your music to create an energetic and polished sound that allows for smooth mixing.

Learn more about this amazing mixer for you…

• 2 options for connecting external effects units (Send/Return and Master Insert)
• Digital input terminal (coaxial)
• Built-in USB Type-C audio interface for PC/Mac
• Compatible with rekordbox DJ software
• Compatible with Serato DJ Pro software (license required)
• 2-Band EQ Booth
• Lockable power cable (not available in some regions)

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