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At Microfusa we continue working to give visibility to the efforts of our students and former students. After the success of the Winter Festival last February arrives the Spring Festival 021


2020 was a very complicated year for events related to the world of music. We barely had time to celebrate the 2020 Winter Festival a few weeks before the lockdown was decreed. This 2021 the situation began with bleak prospects, but at Microfusa we set it as a challenge. We were not going to let the pandemic rob us of the opportunity to give visibility to the work and effort of our students and alumni. In this way we were able to celebrate the Winter Festival Online 2021, a virtual concert that took place on February 26 on our Microfusa channel on

But the months go by, we already have spring here and it seems that the situation is beginning to normalize a bit. And our Spring Festival 021 arrives. Although, despite the pandemic beginning to stabilize, we have preferred not to take risks and have chosen a format similar to our winter festival. Only, unlike the February event, this Spring Festival 021 is not going to have a unique date.


Microfusa Spring Festival 021

As on other occasions, for the Spring Festival 021 we have prepared a selection of performances with an interesting sample of what some of our best students and alumni have to offer. But, as we explained above, we have not focused all of them on a single live event. On this occasion, we have previously recorded the performances and, weekly, we will launch a performance accompanied by an interview with the artist or group. These broadcasts will also take place on our Microfusa channel on at 8:30 p.m.

Next, you can see the schedule of performances:

  • 04.2021 – La Prenda Roja
  • 05.2021 – Carlos Cuenca
  • 05.2021 – Kreddo
  • 05.2021 – Fatamorgana
  • 05.2021 – MIND
  • 06.2021 – Normal Adversity
  • 06.2021 – AB Zipper
  • 06.2021 – Wallace & Ludmila
  • 06.2021 – Gonzalo y Pau
  • 06.2021 – Julen

Discover the variety of emerging artists who will participate in the Spring Festival 021:


La Prenda Roja

Three singers, composers and friends who present a repertoire made up of their own songs and adaptations of the most orthodox cante, make up La Prenda Roja. A group that breaks with the stereotypes of the most traditional flamenco through electronics and urban music. Under the concept of “Flamenco in Red” they use the symbolism of this color both in aesthetics and in letters to explain what they represent. Strength, freedom, sisterhood and empowerment fill the scene with La Prenda Roja.


Carlos Cuenca

Carlos Cuenca is a music producer, composer and sound designer trained in classical piano who grew up surrounded by hip hop and styles as eclectic as Björk, Rage Against the Machine, Massive Atack or Camarón de la Isla. Your life changed when you discovered Cuban timba and percussion.

In his studio, electronic music, flamenco, hip hop, Cuban son or jazz appear or disappear to shape the ideas that are born with each composition, with each musical arrangement or with each production.

Carlos believes in music as the common language of humanity. It is the sound that emotions emit and has to move you, revolutionize you, transform you or take you to places you did not know before. It’s not about labels, it’s about honesty.



Kreddo is the musical project of three producers, Dani Marx (guitarist), Pablo Orribo (DJ and beatmaker), and Crush Queen (Vocalist), who met while studying music production at our school. During the confinement of 2020 they decided to form a band where they mix the different musical influences of each one trying to create a personal imprint. Thanks to their first single “Paredes Frías” they reached the semi-final of Vodafone Yu.

It is difficult to define their style since they range from urban to energetic pop to a lofi with environmental touches.



Fatamorgana is the new project by the Polish Patrycja Proniewska, known for being part of the cult quartet Belgrade and the Englishman Louis Harding, a member of bands like The Shitty Limits, Good Throb and The Love Triangle.

In 2017 they got together to give life to this new duo whose first result was a cassette with two songs published at the beginning of 2018 and that served as a letter of introduction and thanks to which they performed in several European countries and in the United States. A year later they released their first album, “Terra Alta”, a classic synth pop masterpiece reminiscent of John Foxx, Soft Cell, Fad Gadget, La Mode or Depeche Mode.


Normal Adversity

Normal Adversity is the group formed by Architects of Adversity and FlipNormals. Architects of Adversity is an emerging DJ and producer based in Barcelona. Founder of the @kompound_industrial collective, focused on techno, acid, industrial events and with hardcore sound influences.

FlipNormals is a visual artist, Vj, 3D editor and graphic designer also from Barcelona. Together with AoA they form Normal Adversity and their thing is hard techno.


AB Zipper

AB Zipper (Abraham Guzmán) is a young producer (in themaking) who has been making electronic music since he was 12 years old, encouraged by artists such as Martin Garrix, Avicii and Audien. Another artist of great inspiration for AB is Michael Jackson, although his line of creation has preferably been the progressivehouse.


Wallace & Ludmila

Wallace & Ludmila are the duo formed by Adrià Casadevall aka AdriWallace and Luna Asteri. Wallace is a music producer who entered the world of music through electro house, but has also been influenced by EDM and trans. Trained at the Microfusa school, he currently works as a teacher, combining his teaching activity with projects such as AdriWallace that he started a few years ago.

Ludmila (Luna Asteri) is the voice that perfectly complements Wallace’s compositions. A young woman who shines through music who has found a form of expression in electronic music.


Gonzalo y Pau

Gonzalo is a young composer / arranger, singer, musician (plays guitar and saxophone) and music producer trained at the Microfusa school. Pau is a producer and singer. They both live in Madrid and together they play pop, indi / rock. In their performance they will present their new songs “Con la sonrisa intacta”, “¿Qué quieres hacer?”, y “Todo lo que puedas”.



Julen Larrañaga A.K.A. FEZE and Julen Larra is a young music producer and sound engineer passionate about electronic music who has opened up to more urban environments such as trap, R&B, reggaeton or even pop. Currently, he follows two artistic lines. Like Julen Larra he continues to focus on electronic music and as FEZE he focuses more on urban music (rap, trap, dancehall, Afrobeat, R & B,…).


Remember that all the performances of the Spring Festival 021 are at 20:30. Every Thursday in May and Tuesdays and Thursdays during June. And you already know that if you need more information about this or other events in which Microfusa participates, you just have to contact us.


Ronda Guinardó, 65. Barcelona / Tel.: 934 353 688


Paseo de Juan Antonio Vallejo – Nájera Botas, 59. Madrid / Tel.: 917 024 592


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