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Microfusa and Junior Report consolidate their partnership with a grant for the next two school years

The music technology school Microfusa is a musical partner of the Junior Report newspaper for young people. Among the actions carried out, there is a clear commitment to promoting the education of media and communication among young people. Therefore, one more year, Microfusa joins the RED Scholarships program with the RED-Microfusa Scholarship 2022-2024. This grant is aimed at schools in Catalonia and prioritizes those projects that give voice to the music sector. The grant, which is awarded through a selection of pedagogical, geographic, and economic criteria, offers the necessary funding to create a school newspaper that is mentored by professional journalists.

Digital School Magazine – Revista Escolar Digital (RED)

The Revista Escolar Digital (RED) project is a network of school newspapers directed, written, and managed by primary, secondary, and high school students. Each educational center has its own masthead and the advice of a professional journalist who helps to dynamize the magazine throughout the school year.

Its objective is to foster the critical spirit of students, apply digital skills, promote freedom of expression, work on oral and written language, and promote teamwork. It is an ideal transversal project to combat fake news, i.e. false news which, despite the erroneous content, follows a structure and journalistic elements similar to those of truthful information and tends to spread mostly through social networks.

A single winner

A jury made up of journalists, teachers, members of the RED project, and representatives of the collaborating entities will select the winning school.

On the part of the organization, a €2,500 grant will be provided for each school year, while the school will be responsible for €500. It includes the creation of its own header, the use of a WordPress template and a training course, the creation of a custom domain, and technical maintenance.

In addition, the school editorial team will have the support and tutoring of a professional journalist who will help to dynamize the magazine throughout the course, so that students can make the most of the experience.

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