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To succeed in the world of music, it is not enough to have talent and dedicate a lot of effort. It is an essential requirement to know how the music industry works. An eclectic sector whose secrecy you can reveal with the Microfusa Music Business Professional Certification.


You can be the artist with the most wonderful voice or have the gift to play an instrument, you can feel that the music flows when you mix or have composed that song that you are sure will be a hit. But if you want to have an artistic career and carve out a future for yourself in the world of music, none of this will be enough if you don’t know the ins and outs of the music industry. A world with its rules, its norms, its laws, its tricks and its own language. A world with royalties, image rights, intellectual property, phonographic producers, road managers, creative commons licenses, rights management societies, etc. Taking the step from your small home studio to organizing shows and access to a record label can be a great leap into the void if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

That is why at Microfusa Schools we offer you the Music Business Professional Certification that studies in detail the operation of the music industry, delving into the wide range of entities and professionals that you will find in your career, from specialized lawyers to communication departments, from record labels, to promoters, from digital aggregators to managers. What’s more, the methodology implemented in our schools, learning by doing, allows you to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge since students collaborate with the management of the MFRecords school record company, created to support our students and community to spread their music.

This way you will learn to manage an artistic career, to organize a live show, how a record company works, who are the phonographic producers or how copyright is managed.

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With the Music Business Professional Certification you will learn

Rights and intellectual property management

In the first part of the course, you will learn everything you need to know about the publishing industry, everything that refers to the management of royalties (song copyrights), intellectual property or creative commons licenses.

Representation and management

The second part of the course offers an overview of artistic representation and the organization of live events. You will discover the profiles of professionals such as managers, representatives, booking agents (responsible for selling an artist’s show and getting it to perform live concerts) and concert promoters (those responsible for contacting the artists or their managers to set the dates of the concerts and reserve the spaces for the events).

Distribution and promotion

In this last part of the Music Business Professional Certification you are dedicated to one of the most important aspects of the music business: the recording industry. The strategies to distribute and promote recordings are studied and the professionals involved in this process are analyzed.
It includes the different aspects of phonogram creation, music production, and artist promotion and release. The record market, the role of producers, distribution, communication, marketing and financing are studied.

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With the Music Business Professional Certification you will discover how to manage intellectual property, how to monetize audio and video streaming, how to organize and promote live performances or how to organize a crowdfunding campaign. In short, you will learn everything you need to start your musical career.


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