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If you want to be part of one of the most lucrative businesses, at MicroFusa Schools you have the opportunity to train in Musical Composition for Video Games.


The video game industry has become one of the most lucrative businesses out there. It was very successful very quickly, and not only has it sustained it over the years, it has grown. As far as Spain is concerned, video games represent the first option for audiovisual entertainment with a turnover that far exceeds the film or music industry.

However, video games and film have many common characteristics, such as photography, narrative, fictional stories, and of course, the soundtrack. In fact, cinema cannot be conceived without music: before it was sound, music was already its main ally. The same thing happens with videogames: music plays a crucial role, but it should not be just any melody, since it should not draw the player’s attention directly. You only have to accompany him and enrich the game, so music composition for video games has its technique.

At the Microfusa School some time ago we have started a course aimed at anyone interested in learning how to work on a video game soundtrack: Musical Composition for video games course. The main objective of this course is to bring the student closer to the real experience of managing, composing and recording this type of soundtrack. Let’s see in more detail the description of this course, the syllabus and the objectives.



Learning to work a soundtrack

That the unstoppable rise of video games has created the need for qualified personnel in charge of creating the music and other sound effects in these projects, is a fact. The simplest games developed by independent companies, as well as large creations, need music and sound. Without both, the game is incomplete and loses much of its essence.

With the face-to-face course of Musical Composition for Videogames that we offer you at Microfusa, and which entails a Professional Certification, you will learn the entire creative process step by step: from the first sketches of the project until the soundtrack is recorded in the studio , either with a Grand Orchestra or with any type of electronic sound. In this way, at the end of the training you will be able to work effectively managing the musical project, as well as to develop with ease in the industry, something that will be useful to you.



What you will learn in this course

– You will know what “set” you should have.
– You will learn to make your musical compositions more organic.
– You will configure the computer workspace.
– We will teach you orchestration techniques.
– You will learn to transfer your MIDI files to a score editor.
– You will be able to implement all music and sound effects to video games.
– You will know all the key details to successfully adjust the music to the video game.
– You will load and organize VST libraries.
– You will create multipurpose templates.
– You will learn to record certain sounds in your video games.

In addition, in our school we offer you the opportunity to use the facilities, computer rooms and studios so that you can study and do free practice.

Do not stop asking us for the information you need, you can now enroll in a course that will open up professional horizons, and doing what you really like. What else do you want?


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