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Discover the new courses of the microFusa schools for the academic year 2020-21


Of course, if we can say anything about this year, it is being especially strange. The coronavirus crisis has literally disrupted everyone, but this is no excuse for not thinking about your future. If you are deciding what to study or you already have it clear and you think that music is your thing, it is a good time to plan our future activities. That is why today we present our new courses for the academic year 2020-21 of our schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Online.


Artistic Diploma in Musical Production

The Artistic Diploma in Music Production is a two-year vocational training cycle that, upon completion, enables a BA degree * to be completed at Solent University in England.
The Diploma studies and develops music production from its most creative and artistic perspective. Build and promote your musical career by creating your own musical repertoires and with computer tools, prepare and organize performances through teamwork, and ultimately treat all aspects of the music business in a comprehensive way.
During the formation of the Artistic Diploma of Musical Production you will work in an environment that will facilitate the development of your musical projects, work with record labels and producers of live events, as well as the design of advertising campaigns and distribution strategies on the Internet and social networks.


Ableton Live Online Course

Ableton Live is a computer application dedicated to music creation and live performance. With a very intuitive interface, its ease of use has made it one of the most important applications for music production in electronic environments. The Ableton Live Online Course will allow you to gradually discover the essential functionalities of this application thanks to content that analyzes in detail all the key aspects of this DAW.
Ableton Certified Training is the German brand program to certify the only trainers on Ableton Live. Worldwide, there are more than 340 schools, professional educators, private tutors, professional DJs, producers, engineers, musicians and consultants specialized in helping those interested in making music with Live. Currently you can find trainers in 56 countries offering the Ableton Live course in 39 languages. In Spain, the microFusa school was the first to offer this training online.


Music Business Professional Certification 

Knowing and understanding the operation of the music industry is an essential requirement to make any initiative related to this field a success. From the management of an artistic career to the organization of a live show, through the management of record labels and their executive production. Concepts such as royalties, image rights, phonographic producers, intellectual property, creative commons licenses, rights management companies, to give just a few examples, are indispensable concepts.
Music Business Professional Certification is an online course that studies in detail the wide range of professionals and agents in the musical field: phonographic producers, specialized lawyers, promoters, managers and road managers, distributors, digital aggregators and communication departments, among others .
What will you learn in this course?
• In the first part of the Music Business Professional Certification, the concepts related to intellectual property related to musical activities, the rights derived from them and their management are analyzed.
• In its second part you will get an overview of artistic representation and the organization of events.
• Finally, in the third part you will study the strategies to distribute and promote the record works as well as an analysis of the professionals related to the subject.

These are our new courses for the next academic year 2020-21, but remember that in our schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Online you also have many other training options available. We remind you of some options:
• Technological Diploma in Music Production
• Diploma of Sound Technician
• Professional Certification of Electronic Music Production
• Professional Certification of Electronic Music Composition
• Musical Composition for Videogames
• DJ and Production
• Professional DJ




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