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With the new MicroFusa School Professional DJ Course you will learn and master all the technical and artistic aspects that surround the world of today’s DJ


New technologies make our world is in constant evolution. Of course, we also experience this situation in sectors such as music. But especially the world of DJing, in which, although the most important thing is the artist’s ability to transmit through his music, technology plays a very important role in his learning and in the development of his career. For this reason, at the MicroFusa School we have launched the new Professional DJ Course, a course with an updated syllabus and in constant adaptation to new technologies. Designed to provide you with a unique learning experience and that you are capable of knowing how to carry out a professional DJ session.


Characteristics of the Professional DJ Course

The new Professional DJ Course of Escuela MicroFusa, official partner of Pioneer DJ, stands out for being taught by active professional teachers. DJs and producers who know the world first hand. In addition, you can do unlimited practices with Pioneer DJ equipment, the same equipment of the best clubs in the world.

The course is carried out in small groups of a maximum of 6 people. In this way, the teaching team can focus its attention on the needs of each student. And, in addition, you will be able to enjoy exclusive masterclasses taught by authentic professionals of the sector that will affect highlights of the DJ world.


Syllabus of the Professional DJ Course

This new Professional DJ Course is divided into 3 blocks that cover the different areas of the DJ universe.

First block: DJ Fundamentals

In this first block of the course you will know the basic DJ equipment, you will delve into the musical genres and their structures, you will learn to use the most important controllers and the App DJ software, you will discover the fundamentals of mixing and creating playlists.

Second block: DJ Advanced

In the second block of the course we already go into more advanced aspects: You will learn advanced mixing techniques, you will discover Pioneer CDJ players and vinyl players and the use of external FXs.

Third block: DJ Business

Finally, it is also important to know the music business. That is why this last block takes us into the DJ industry, dealing with topics such as promotion or management. But also in matters such as professional rooms. And, finally, it will be necessary to present the final project of the course.

It is, in short, an 11-week face-to-face course, designed to become a true Professional DJ.


And if DJing is your thing, remember that the MicroFus School is backed by more than three decades of experience training DJs and music producers. In our section of DJ courses you will find the appropriate training to develop yourself in the industry and the world of the DJ / Producer.


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