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Tierra Audio pays tribute to the “Happy 20’s” of the past century with its new New Twenties condenser microphone


It is inevitable to find certain similarities between the first decades of this century and the previous one. The 20th century began with a world war and with the so-called Spanish flu. This century we begin with a global crisis and the Covid pandemic. And in both, the 1920s seem to mark the starting box for hope. The past century, that decade would be remembered as “the happy twenties.” Thanks to the tireless spirit of improvement of those who had survived the hard times, but also thanks to the music. As a tribute, at Tierra Audio they want to pay tribute to that generation with the creation of a microphone that preserves the glamor and elegance of those happy twenties, but that incorporates the technological innovation that our decade demands.

The result is New Twenties, a high-end studio and live condenser microphone with powerful sound and unmatched aesthetics.

tierra audio new twenties

Tierra Audio, between engineering and crafts

Tierra Audio is a Spanish company that was born in 2018 with the intention of providing artists, producers and sound engineers from all over the world with premium range ProAudio products at an affordable price. The result is products made entirely by hand after years of research and development. Using selected components to guarantee the best performance and maximum durability. Always keeping in mind its commitment to the environment, the purpose of always offering unquestionable sound quality and offering the best technical and aesthetic design.

Tierra Audio’s products stand out for their Pure Analog technology that contributes to the processing of the analog signal the precise dose of harmonics, warmth, brightness, tone, phase distortion, presence or transparency with which to achieve the sound footprint that complies with each production. with the most exquisite levels of quality required in each and every one of the links in your recording chain.


New Twenties, Tierra Audio happy 20s

New Twenties is a condenser microphone that is the result of an enormous engineering effort together with great professionals in the sector who have collaborated with Tierra Audio in the development and sound modeling. The result has been a microphone that gives you a warm, deep and creamy sound. Rich in harmonics and with the proper balance of brightness in treble that will give your musical recordings and professional voice-overs a rounded sound body, both in the studio and live, but always with the important dose of definition and presence that modern productions demand.

Its new and stylized anti-pop system is made up of three thin layers of mesh and textile strategically interspersed that progressively slow down the impact of the wind produced by the most conflicting syllables … without altering the sound of your voice!

Its exterior chassis, with a vintage design, is made of certified quality 304 stainless steel. A true super shield that, not only tirelessly resists the abrasion typical of the passage of time, but also protects the interior electronics from shocks and from the noisy radio frequency electromagnetic pollution, which is so damaging to sound.

And, in addition, the New Twenties rescues from the past the posters in which record companies, recording studios, televisions and radios promoted its name or that of its sponsors. Each microphone includes two customizable interchangeable labels with magnets, one made of transparent recycled methacrylate and the other made of bamboo.

tierra audio new twenties

Discover the new but classic New Twenties by Tierra Audio at the Microfusa stores in Barcelona and Madrid and at Microfusa Online. You will also find a wide selection of all their products at this link.


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