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NEW HT MK III amplifier series

Blackstar has launched the NEW HT MK III series of amplifiers. The award-winning HT range focuses on providing guitarists with classic tube tones in a compact package, which has become a mainstay in the homes and studios of professional and entry-level musicians. Blackstar’s R&D team has brought decades of learning to create the new HT MK III series.

The HT-1R MK III, HT-5R MK III and HT-20R MK III amps retain all the renowned features of the HT MkII series, with the addition of CabRig, the premier infrared DSP speaker simulator. CabRig gives guitarists access to hundreds of display and microphone configurations with room settings. These settings can be saved and stored in 3 presets that can be recalled directly from the amp for an incredible selection of tonal options when playing live or recording.

Along with these new state-of-the-art features, the new HT MK III series has a striking new look with premium boutique amp styling. The new panel has a clean, crisp look with no corners combined with classic “chicken head” knobs. High quality switches have been introduced, LED colors have been updated and a metal plate logo has been added. Without a doubt, the HT MKIIIs look as good as they sound.

What to expect from the HT MK III Series?

  • Blackstar’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape). Exclusive to Blackstar products, this control can take you from an “American” sounding amp to a classic “British” amp.
  • Power reduction: The HT-5R includes a switchable circuit in the HT-5R MK III and HT-20R MK III models that provides transparent and reliable attenuation, up to 10% of the amplifier’s rated power.

  • CabRig: Our IR-based simulation DSP software. Choose from hundreds of microphone and screen combinations thanks to the free software and store up to 3 CabRig presets directly in your amplifier.
  • Professional USB recording output: Now USB-C, this is the easiest way to get valve tone in your recordings.
  • Innovative Clean Channel offers the ultimate in clean tone quality and flexibility. The Clean Channel features a Voice switch: American Clean, British Clean
  • Rich and responsive Overdrive channel with its own Voice switch: Classic Overdrive, Modern Overdrive, with high gain voices.
  • All models have four voices switchable with the optional FS-22 and FS-16 2-way pedals. The result is a wide selection of accessible valve tones.
  • Line input for improvising or listening to music.
  • Line output for practicing or recording in silence.
  • “HT” stands for High Tension, the internal high voltage circuitry needed to drive the tubes to their peak performance.


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