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MPC KEY 37 de Akai Professional

The MPC family has been the core of many production studies for decades due to its workflow, synthesis, and sample editing capabilities. Akai Professional presents the MPC Key 37, which offers all the virtues of an MPC and its 16 pads, but with 37 keys added.

The MPC Key 37 includes a collection of sounds and samples, as well as native MPC plug-ins. You can enjoy 8 plug-in instruments from your MPC Key 37, including Hype, Odyssey, Mellotron, among others. Additionally, it includes over 8GB of samples and drum kits with over 1000 presets ready to be used.

It features a keyboard with aftertouch along with its dedicated pitch and modulation wheels. The keyboard offers ideal response for creating basslines, solos, and more. The 16 RGB velocity-sensitive pads are the same as those of the MPC One+, with dedicated access to the famous Time Correction, Swing, and Quantization functions. All editing is done on the 7″ touch screen and with its 4 Q Link controls, providing precise and quick control over necessary parameters.


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