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Welcome to Bright Friday: An Enlightened Alternative to Black Friday! Featured Products

Starting Monday, May 20, we begin Bright Friday, a series of flash deals that will culminate in a spectacular weekend, full of incredible discounts. This campaign is different from the traditional Black Friday, not only because we are half a year away, but also because each day of the week we will have specific discounts on different product categories, so get ready to take advantage of these offers and get the best products at the best price!

Bright Friday Specials Calendar:

Monday 20:
🎵 Offers in Go!Drums
Start the week with impressive discounts on our line of drums and precussion. Perfect for musicians of all levels, our drums offer an authentic, high-quality playing experience.

Tuesday 21:
📺 Offers in Go!Stream
Enhance your streaming experience with our offers at Go!Stream! From microphones to streaming accessories, we have everything you need to make your live broadcasts stand out.

Wednesday 22:
🎧 Offers in Go!HiFi
Immerse yourself in high fidelity sound with our offers at Go!HiFi. Find everything from speakers to complete audio systems to take your listening experience to the next level.

Thursday 23:
🎹 Offers in Go!Keys
For piano and keyboard lovers, this day we offer great discounts on our Go!Keys line. Don’t miss the opportunity to get professional quality instruments at unbeatable prices.

Friday 24:
🎸 Offers in Go!Guitar
If strings are your thing, this is your day. Take advantage of amazing deals on our range of Go!Guitar guitars and accessories. From beginners to pros, we have something for everyone.

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26:
🏆 Offers on top 25 products with 25% off
Throughout the weekend, we select the 25 most popular products and apply a 25% discount to them. It’s your chance to get those desired items at a reduced price!

Monday 27th:
🎹 Offers in Go!Synth
Start the last week of Bright Friday with deals on synthesizers. Discover the perfect sound with our Go!Synth line of synthesizers.

Wednesday 29:
🎛️Offers in Go!DJ
For DJs, we offer discounts on our range of Go!DJ products. From controllers to mixers, equip your booth with the best on the market.

Thursday 30:
🎙️ Offers in Go!Rec
If you are passionate about recording, this is your day. Discounts on our Go!Rec line, which includes microphones, audio interfaces and everything you need for your recording studio.

Friday 31, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2:
🌟 Bright Friday: Offers in all
The grand finale of our campaign. For three days, we offer discounts on all categories – the perfect time to make all those pending purchases and start June off on the right foot!

Why you can’t miss this Bright Friday?

  • Daily Deals: Every day, a new discounted category.
  • Attractive Discounts: Save on your favorite products.
  • Product Variety: From musical instruments to transmission equipment.
  • Spectacular Final Event: Three days of discounts on our entire catalog.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy great deals over the course of two full weeks. Follow us on our social networks and stay up to date with all the daily promotions – see you on Bright Friday!

Note: All discounts and products are subject to availability. We recommend making your purchases as soon as possible to ensure you get the best products at the best price.

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