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September is Loop Station month at Microfusa. We have organized a contest where you can win a BOSS Loop Station RC-10R. And all the products in this selection have an extra discount. What are you waiting for!


If you have a BOSS Loop Station you have a unique opportunity to get an RC-10R Loop Station. It’s very simple, you just have to participate in our Boss Loop Station Contest. The rules are very simple:

  1. Upload a video to your social networks using any Boss Loop Station. A 1 minute video will suffice
  2. Tag @microFusa and use the hashtag #microFusaRegalaBoss
  3. And keep an eye on our usual channels. You have until September 30 to participate. The winner will be announced on October 9.

Although if you still don’t have a Loop Station we also have good news for you. All the products in this selection have an extra discount by entering the code LOOPSTATION during your purchase:


Boss RC-10R

The Boss RC-10R Looper Pedal comes with song-based loops and organic rhythms in a compact package. Thus, it brings original inspiration to live performances, songwriting and rehearsal sessions. It’s a next-generation real-time loop station that lets you develop spontaneous music that moves and follows the beat with two different song sections, intros / codas and rhythmic fills.

Its built-in controls and visual loop indicators offer simple, self-contained operation, with the ability to expand control via external switches and MIDI. It includes a huge rhythm library that covers almost all musical genres, and you can also import your own rhythms to customize the RC-10R for specific songs and styles.


Boss RC-202

Boss RC-202 is a powerful multi-effects loop station from BOSS with an incredibly compact tabletop design, perfect for live performers, electronic musicians, and beatboxers. Based on the popular RC-505 Loop Station, the two-track RC-202 offers the trademark design and manual interface style of its big sister, plus plenty of new features.

It allows you to use four Input FX and four Track FX at the same time, and loops can be stored in real-time memories for great creative expressiveness on-stage. Also included are extended MIDI and pedal control functions, perfect for making music with loops while keeping your hands full with the guitar, keyboard or other instruments.


Boss RC-1

Boss RC-1 looper pedal is the little brother of the series. It offers you 12 minutes of recording, a circular indicator light at the top that allows you to view the recording time and the recording mode in which we are.

It has stereo inputs and outputs, an external pedal jack, and can be powered by either a 9V battery or an external power supply.

Ideal to start experiencing the magic of the Loop Station.


Boss RC-505

Instead, Boss RC-505 is the brand’s big brother. A 5-track stereo phrase looper and various loop playback modes. With INPUT FX and TRACK FX that provide a wide range of real-time processing options for the creation of dynamic and expressive sounds, specially designed for Dj’s, Vocalists and Beatboxers.

Endlessly inspiring, the RC-505 Loop Station has become an essential instrument for beatboxers, singers, and club performers around the world. A Loop Station packed with new features requested by top users – the version 2.0 update brings even more creative power to the flagship desktop looper. Simultaneous effects can now be used in the Input FX and Track FX sections, and several new effect types are included. Many refinements to the looping functionality offer a multitude of ways to enhance and enhance live performance.

The control target functions have also been greatly expanded, providing a wealth of external control options for musicians who loop guitars, keyboards, and other instruments.


Boss RC-300

Loop Station Boss RC-300 gives you three synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume knobs and transport control pedals for each track. It is also equipped with professional effects, a master expression pedal, and a large luxurious control panel for your live manipulation.

It also incorporates an XLR connector, complete with phantom power. In this way, singers, percussionists, violinists, beatboxers, or any instrument that requires a microphone can enter the game. The RC-300 allows you to record up to 3 hours directly to its internal memory, adding effects. Its USB port allows you to record your loops externally, as well as import / export Wav files. This is the most powerful and inspiring Loop Station in BOSS history.

It is the favorite creative tool of many artists and music professionals.


Boss RC-30

BOSS celebrated its 10th anniversary by setting a new standard in the Loop Station market with the launch of devices like the RC-30 or RC-3, easy to transport, powerful pedals with large internal memory that capture up to three hours of audio. in stereo.

The Boss RC-30 is the two-track version on a double pedal. No matter what instrument you play or what types of sound you make, the new RCs are ready to loop with it. Plug in whatever instrument you want, even a microphone, the RC-30 has an XLR input with phantom power. Both pedals are equipped with USB 2.0 ports that allow you to record your loops externally, as well as import and export WAV files.


Boss RC-3

RC-3 is a powerful stereo compact single pedal with a massive internal memory for up to 3 hours of stereo recording and 99 built-in memories for storing loops. It includes a USB 2.0 port to connect to a PC and import / export WAV files and a rhythm guide with real drums. In addition, it works with a 9-volt battery or an optional AC power supply.


Do not forget that all these products have an incredible extra discount by entering the code LOOPSTATION during your purchase. And that you have a chance to win an incredible Loop Station RC-10R with our Boss Loop Station Contest.



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