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This summer is different for many reasons and at Microfusa we want it to be special. That is why we have created the #verano2020microFusa campaign. Within this campaign we have prepared a special with the best selection of software with an extra discount


Fate has conspired to screw us up this summer. Or at least it’s doing his best. But at Microfusa we are striving to make these months as productive as possible. Musically speaking, of course. That is why we have launched the #verano2020microFusa campaign. In this summer 2020 special you will find a lot of interesting options for you to continue creating your music. From special offers and incredible promotions, to the news this summer and exclusive campaigns that we are publishing during these months.

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One of our campaigns of our # verano2020microFusa is our Special Software with the best selection of software so that, wherever you are, you can continue doing what you like the most. And with an extra discount by entering the code MFSOFTWARE at the end of the purchase of any product of this selection.

In today’s article we are going to talk to you about some of the interesting programs that you can find in this offer:


Arturia Sound Explorers Collection

Arturia Sound Explorers Collection is a limited edition that brings together the best of twenty years of software development from one of the iconic brands. In the box you’ll find a 250GB hard drive containing a selection of Arturia’s most inspiring software titles and sound packs. You can also use it as an external storage unit with free space to make a backup of your projects. It includes:

– V Collection 7: 23 legendary instruments revived with the power of TAE® and Phi® modeling technologies. Analog synthesizers, classic pianos, wacky keyboards, and digital polysyntos, with over 8,000 awesome presets to discover. Includes Analog Lab 4.
– FX Collection: The software that changed the sound of music as we know it, supercharged with exciting new features for the modern producer.
– Pigments: A true 21st century synth that combines incredible FM, virtual analog, sampling and granular synth engines with unlimited modulation. Packed with presets made by great artists and sound designers.
– It includes 40 of the most popular Preset Banks from Analog Lab and Pigments Sound Store, bringing you over 700 new amazingly designed presets to use.


Presonus Studio One 5

Presonus Studio One 5 is the only DAW that allows you to record, produce, compose, mix, master, publish, and perform live from its intuitive interface. It comes loaded with world-known virtual instruments and effects, as well as all the necessary tools for producers and arrangers such as Chord Track or Harmonic Editing, allowing you to listen to new harmonies and chords quickly from the Instrument tracks or Audio Tracks.

The Project Page manages the Mastering tools and when your EP or Podcast is finished you can upload it directly to Soundcloud without removing the program. On the other hand, if you’re looking to play live, the new Show Page lets you use your studio tracks as backing tracks or lets you play live virtual instruments, effects for vocals or instruments, or even Ampire to recreate your sounds from favorite guitar. You can even create and re-imagine your entire setlist on every show.


Reason Studios Reason 11

Reason 11 from Reason Studios is the new version of the powerful music production platform taken to another level. It covers from the first steps in creating music to complete productions. Easy and comprehensive sequencing, easy audio recording, and studio-quality mixing console. It has everything you need to make music and expands with more sounds and plugins.

Now Reason 11 lets you take Reason’s synthesizers, instruments, effects, and sounds anywhere you want with the Reason Rack Plugin (VST3 / AU). Your favorite Reason instruments can be used in your favorite DAW (Cubase, Logic, Ableton).

Plus, Reason syncs seamlessly with your Ableton Live as it’s Ableton Link compatible so you can keep up wirelessly with any number of link-enabled computers, apps, or devices.


Steinberg Cubase 10.5

Cubase is one of the most powerful music creation software packages in the world. With its unmatched range of flexible tools, you can create any type of music quickly and intuitively. It comes with a wide range of virtual instruments, effects, and thousands of sounds. Whether you are a professional composer or a beginner in music production, Cubase provides you with everything you need to turn your ideas into music.

And used by producers and music stars to compose, record, mix and edit music, Cubase Pro 10.5 combines exceptional audio quality, intuitive operation, and a collection of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools.


Bitwig Studio 3

Bitwig Studio 3 is an open modular environment that powers a family of new devices: Mono Grid, Poly Grid and FX Grid. With an extensive library of modules and a supersonic workflow, you’ll create your own unique sounds instantly and with great fidelity. Just add a Grid device to your project and start patching.


FL Studio 20

FL Studio has a completely redesigned user interface that includes many new editing functions and a completely new design. Ideal for complete song creation and includes some extra plug-ins. Among its characteristics, we can highlight:

– Allows audio clips (editable audio track length)
– Allows audio recording
– It also allows the automation of Clips
– Allows pattern clips (MIDI notes and event automation)
– Allows import and export of MIDI files
– MIDI SysEX and MMC functions
– Supports up to 103 insert / send tracks
– 10 FX slots per track
– Patcher FX extension / rack
– Full audio track routing and side chaining
– Step sequencer
– Event editor
– Supports Directsound
– ASIO support (includes ASIO4ALL)
– 103 external audio inputs
– 103 external audio outputs
– Allows rendering in .WAV, .MP3 and .OGG files
– Lets explore the mixer to stems
– ReWire support (client and host)
– Can be used as a VST client
– Includes audio tools such as: Edison (audio editor and recorder), Newtone (pitch and time editor) and Elastic Time Stretching
– Supports VST 1, 2 and 3 instruments and effects
– Includes sample manipulation / playback tools: Audio Clip Generator, BooBass Monophonic Bass Generator, Channel Sampler, DirectWave Player, DirectWave Full, FL Keys, Fruity PAD Controller, Granulizer, Slicer, Slicex, SoundFont Player, Wave Traveler
– Synthesizers such as: 3x OSC, Autogun, BassDrum, BeepMap, Drumpad, Fruity Kick, Fruity DX10, Groove Machine Synth, Harmless, MiniSynth, Speech Synthesizer, FL FlowStone, Sytrus, Wasp / WaspXT
– Includes generators / tools such as: Control Surface, Patcher, Dashboard, Fruity Video Player, Layer Channel, MIDI Out and Rewired
– Includes a wide range of effects plug-ins

Remember that during the #verano2020microFusa campaign all this software and many other products from the Microfusa Special Software have a special discount with the code MFSOFTWARE. Do not miss this opportunity!


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