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RØDECaster firmware unlocks USB microphone connectivity

New RODE update with beta firmware for RØDECaster Duo and RØDECaster Pro II brings more flexibility to audio solutions.

This update includes the ability to connect a RØDE USB microphone to your RØDECaster, a feature that many users have been waiting for. The ability to adjust the levels of individual SMART pads has also been added, as well as the mixer’s ducking action, along with a number of system improvements and optimisations.

Hand over RØDECaster Pro in front of computer screen and PodMic

USB microphone connectivity with RØDECasters

  • You can connect up to five microphones to the RØDECaster Pro II and up to three to the RØDECaster Duo.
  • It requires RØDECaster to ‘host’ the USB microphone as a computer would, which is an advanced capability not offered by any other audio interface.
  • You can connect most current RØDE USB microphones, including PodMic USB, NT-USB+, NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG, VideoMic GO II, XCM-50 and XDM-100.
  • Access to all the digital signal processing your microphone is capable of. For example, with the PodMic USB, you have access to the full set of processors you would find in RØDE Central, RØDE Connect or UNIFY, including the simple Depth, Sparkle and Punch effects, as well as advanced processing.

All you have to do is connect the microphone to the RØDECaster’s USB 2 port using a standard USB cable, just as you would when connecting it to a computer, and then assign USB 2 to the fader you want to use to control the microphone level. For audio monitoring when using a USB microphone, you’ll need to use its built-in headphone output to ensure that you don’t experience any latency.

SMART Pad customisation and other updates

  • You can now adjust the volume level of the sounds assigned to each of your pads using a new adjustment control.
  • New depth control for the mixer’s “ducking” action. This mixer action temporarily reduces the level of all other channels when the host connected to mic channel 1 starts speaking; you can now control exactly how much gain reduction will be applied to the other channels, which is useful for ensuring that the host of a podcast is always heard above the other guests.
  • A number of system enhancements and optimisations are added to improve stability and make the RØDECaster series even easier to use.

This new feature makes RØDECasters more flexible than ever, giving you the option to connect your favourite XLR mic, a wireless mic and now also a USB mic, as well as full compatibility with Wireless PRO, including the ability to change GainAssist settings from within the RØDECaster.


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