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Launched in 2021 by mFRecords label together with microFusa’s production company mFEvents, mFLive was born as a platform dedicated to emerging music from the local scene, created by and for our passionate community.

mFLive has consolidated its annual Summer Fest event, a showcase for new and up-and-coming talent, connecting artists with audiences eager to discover fresh and authentic sounds.

As we approach the exciting Summer Fest 2024, it is the ideal time to take a look back and appreciate how our festivals have evolved.

Summer Fest 2023

Line-up: Mushkaa, Flashy Ice Cream, Figa Flawas, Odilia, Caper, Loudy y Aubor

These artists delivered stellar performances, reaffirming our belief in the power of fresh, original music.

mflive at apolo - summer festival 023 barcelona

Spring Fest 2023

Line-up: Miss Miquel, Kathy K, DJ Natura y DJ Aksis

The atmosphere of the festival was charged with electricity thanks to the unique rhythms of each artist, bringing their distinctive essence to the musical mosaic of the event.

mflive en apolo

Summer Fest 2022

Line-up: Sofia Galana, Sexenni, Ethan Barea, La Joww

DJ’s: DJ Baum, DJ Piem, DJ Dkull y DJ Dayv

This festival treated us to memorable moments, elevating the festival experience to dimensions never seen before.

mflive summer festival 022 barcelona

Summer Fest 2021

Line-up: VICCO, Brigitte Laverne, Delafé, Exili a Elba, Carla Collado, Carlenne, Histérica ft. Munic, y Laura West

Despite being broadcast from the Sala Apolo, this festival managed to connect virtually with the audience, demonstrating that music is able to unite us regardless of distance.

summer festival 021 barcelona

Each edition of our festivals is a testament to mFLive’s commitment to promoting emerging music from the local scene and creating unforgettable experiences for our community. As we prepare for the upcoming Summer Fest 2024, we are excited to continue writing this story together, fostering emerging talent and celebrating the music that brings us together.

Be sure to follow us and be part of our next musical adventure.

Music awaits us!

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