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Universal Audio introduces UAFX, its first line of effects pedals, featuring authentic sonic emulations of classic reverb, delay and modulation circuitry


Since its founding in the late 1950s, Universal Audio has always been synonymous with innovation in recording products. Its founder, Bill Putnam Sr. was not only the favorite sound engineer of big stars like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Ray Charles. He was also a passionate innovator who is considered the father of modern recording methods. In fact, many of his studio designs and recording equipment are still in use today.

Specifically, Putnam was the inventor of the modern recording console, multiband audio equalizer, and vocal booth, and was the first engineer to use artificial reverb in commercial recording. Now, his legacy comes to us through Universal Audio’s constant technological innovations.

After several years of intense R&D effort, the UAFX Golden Reverberator, Starlight Echo Station and Astra Modulation Machine effect pedals were born. With a powerful dual processor architecture and offering us three different vintage sounds per pedal. With the impeccable analog design and build quality that only Universal Audio can offer.

Effects pedals in the UAFX line include intuitive Preset / Live modes, analog dry-through, stereo / dual mono operation, true bypass * with silent switching, additional effects downloadable from acclaimed UAD algorithm equipment, and much more. Let’s see them in more detail below:


Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

UAFX Golden Reverberator brings you decades of vintage reverb textures. From the dense sound of 1950s Studio Plate, to the tube-driven spring reverb of classic 1960s guitar amps, to the infinite algorithmic marvel of vintage digital reverbs.

With three classic reverbs and additional effects:

  • Spring 65: Three “golden units” of spring reverb, taken from classic American guitar amps from the 60s.
  • Plate 140: Three vintage German reverbs, captured in the iconic Record Plant Studio.
  • Hall 224: A trio of perfectly modeled late ’70s digital reverb algorithms.
  • Additional Effects: Free Vintage Plate and Chamber 224 Digital Reverbs, downloadable upon registration.


Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

The UAFX Starlight Echo Station Effects Pedal is a stereo delay pedal with tape, analog and digital effects, true bypass, Tap Tempo, and additional downloadable effects. From the timeless analog tape echo and bucket brigade delays to the endless digital repeats of the 80s, the Starlight brings together three legendary delay sounds:

  • Tape EP-III: Three unique tape echo machines from the ’60s, with settings for tape age and preamp color.
  • Analog DMM: Vintage “bucket brigade” analog delay textures with surround modulation modes and subdivisions.
  • Precision: Digital delays with endless delay trails and optional modulation, derived from the UAD plug-in library.
  • Bonus effect: Free Cooper Time Cube Delay, downloadable upon registration.


Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine

UAFX Astra Modulation Machine effects pedal is a complete sonic workstation. A stereo mod pedal with three of the most exhilarating modulators ever, perfectly captured in one pedal. From the spacious studio flanger tones of the ’70s, to the gritty cube chorus and delicious optical tube tremolo. With three timeless modulation effects and additional effects:

  • Chorus Brigade: The classic ’70s chorus with additional Vibrato mode.
  • Flanger / DBLR: Studio flanger / doubler that models legendary rack effects units.
  • Trem 65: Optical tube Tremolo emulations derived from iconic mid-60s blackface amps.
  • Bonus Effects: Free downloadable Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem 61 upon registration.


The first units of these new UAFX effects pedals will begin to arrive during the month of March. But if you want to get one of them, don’t hesitate any longer, they can now be booked!

And as you already know, in our Microfusa stores in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in our online store, you can find all Universal Audio products.


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