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Celebrate Arturia’s 25th Anniversary and Beyond

Arturia has been exploring sound for 25 years. Throughout this time, its mission has been to accelerate innovation in all fields, removing barriers so that anyone can discover their unique sound and musical expression.

AstroLab: avant-garde stage keyboard
Explore a broad spectrum of classic and modern sounds with AstroLab, a 61-key stage keyboard. It combines the power of synthesis with intuitive controls and an innovative ecosystem, inviting musicians to focus on their creative expression and move seamlessly from the studio to the stage.

Total creative control
AstroLab provides instant access to 34 iconic instruments and over 1300 presets brought to life with 10 synthesis engines. This, coupled with its intuitive controls, performance features and software ecosystem, allows musicians to enjoy all their signature sounds and custom settings live.

A unique ecosystem
AstroLab is complemented by a mobile app and Analog Lab Pro, allowing flexible control of sounds and settings, and the ability to expand the AstroLab library via the Sound Store. Prepare your setlist on your mobile or integrate AstroLab with Analog Lab in your DAW to sync your custom presets.

Iconic instruments and more
With over 1,300 classic and modern sounds, from the realism of the Piano V’s hammer action and the rich, warm keys of the Stage-73, to the mind-blowing modern synthesis of Pigments, never before heard on a performance keyboard.

Effortless navigation and modulation
Find the perfect sound with AstroLab’s intuitive navigation and make impactful adjustments when playing live with 4 macro knobs and 4 FX knobs, all customisable with up to 12 insert FX to choose from.

Rugged, integrated design
AstroLab lets you take your sound anywhere and ensures maximum stability when playing live without a computer or unnecessary cables.


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