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The new Shure MV7+ Podcast Microphone

Shure has released the MV7+, a new cardioid microphone, which means it will primarily pick up sound coming from in front of the capsule while rejecting what comes from the side and back, which undoubtedly elevates podcast and streaming recordings to a higher standard.

In addition, the MV7+ represents a significant evolution, aimed at streamers, podcasters and musicians. This new microphone features a slimmer design, delivers professional studio quality audio, even in challenging environments, and incorporates a multi-color LED touch panel and hybrid XLR and USB-C outputs for greater versatility.

Download the free MOTIV Mix™ Desktop App to configure the LED touch panel from 16.8 million color options.

Other features that may interest you…

  • Includes innovative features such as noise cancellation and gain control.
  • Enhanced Auto Level Mode adjusts microphone gain according to distance, volume and spatial detection for optimized audio levels.
  • Features three reverb types (Plate, Room, Studio) for greater depth and richness in music recordings.
  • Instantly mute the microphone by touching anywhere on the LED panel.

And if you’re looking for variety, the MV7+ is available in three options:

  • MV7+Black: Now available! In microfusa
  • MV7+ White: Available from summer onwards.
  • MV7+ Podcast Kit: Available soon and will include the MV7+ Black and a Gator Stand

This new evolution of Shure microphones is designed and intended to meet the demands of the most demanding content creators, offers exceptional audio quality, making it the perfect choice for those seeking impeccable results.

What are you waiting for to get your new MV7+ microphone?


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