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Pioneer DJ has just launched its new series of Pioneer DJ VM active monitors. The new Pioneer VM family of active monitors offers a perfect response with a clear, powerful and fast attack sound. Ideal for all types of DJ mixing and production applications.

The new series of Pioneer DJ VM nearfield monitors consists of 4 active speaker models VM-50, VM-50 White, VM-70 and VM-80. These new monitors provide clear and defined audio signals. Ideal for DJing and producing.


Pioneer DJ VM Monitors: Perfect DJ Sounds

The new Pioneer DJ VM monitor series stands out for its transparent, full, powerful sound and its fast response to transients. Well suited for all kinds of DJ mixing and production applications.


Fresh and professional design

Pioneer DJ VM monitors have a unique and innovative design. The new hexagonal aluminum front baffle design provides a fresh appearance, improves sound quality and durability.

Furthermore, it reduces unnecessary vibration to reduce distortion, and tweeter protection reduces the risk of damage to the high-frequency diaphragm. The bauxite-treated texture gives Pioneer DJ VM monitors a professional appearance.

High quality components

The new Pioneer DJ VM monitors are built with high-quality components and innovative features to provide pure audio response.

The rigid 4mm thick aluminum front baffle further suppresses resonance and vibration, and emits the same sound as the original sound source.

Pioneer DJ VM


All Pioneer DJ VM monitors have balanced XLR / TRS combo inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs. In addition, next to the connection panel, there is the volume knob, the two knobs that DSP uses to control the low and high levels, the connection with the power cord and the on / off switch.

DSP control

The VM series speakers have a flat response to ensure the natural sound of music. Thanks to the flexible DSP configuration of the active VM monitors, they have a high capacity to adapt to the environment.

The Pioneer DJ VM monitor has 16 EQ settings to find the perfect speaker response. On the rear panel of the monitor there will be 2 buttons: Low EQ and High EQ. Each model in the VM loudspeaker series includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP for wideband audio reproduction.

With this function, the active monitor can be configured to perfectly suit the acoustic characteristics of the place. In addition, its efficient performance reduces distortion and adds more energy to the sound.

dsp Pioneer DJ VM

Aramid Fiber Woofer Cones and Vortex Bass Accelerator

The different models integrate class D amplifiers and aramid fiber cones, which can reproduce the sound of the original sound source with high precision through the Vortex bass amplifier, including deep bass frequencies.

The newly designed 4mm thick aluminum front bezel not only makes the display stylish, but also helps eliminate unnecessary vibrations. In addition, the constant directional horn also creates a wide and uniform listening space.

The shape of the horn and the edge of the woofer are specially designed so that the reproduced flat frequency can easily cross the tweeter to produce a natural sound.

woofers Pioneer DJ VM

Energy efficiency

The power consumption of the Pioneer DJ VM monitor series is much lower than that of other very similar monitors from the competition. In the event that consumption between models with almost the same increase is reduced by up to two or three times.

At this point, we should also name the automatic standby function, which can be activated or deactivated by the user, and once the speaker is not used, the speaker will automatically start and automatically enter the standby mode after a period of weather.


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