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In the first installment of the Microfusa Testimonials we introduced you to Aubor, DJ and producer who is already beginning to consolidate his career. In the second installment we introduced you to the music producer and sound technician Mateo Amaya. The third installment is dedicated to the experiences of Sebastian Hartley (aka Seb Heart), singer and songwriter. In this fourth installment we present the experience in our school of former student Victoria Riba (aka VICCO), a composer who has greatly expanded her expectations with the Diploma in Music Production.


Victoria Riba, born with a gift for music

Victoria is one of those people who were born with a natural gift for music. When she was just a baby she was already marking rhythms with his hands and it was not long before she became inseparable from a toy xylophone. At the age of three she played her first melodies, heard from cartoons, and made the family guess them. At nine years, the Three Wise Men brought her first keyboard and it was inevitable that she would start her piano lessons. Two months later, she had her first song ready.

Later, at the age of 15, she decided to perfect the most delicate instrument, the voice, with singing lessons. In all this process her family has had a lot to do with it: her father, an amateur bassist; and her older sisters with whom she formed the musical group Carpanta (in fact, currently one of her sisters is a teacher at our school in Barcelona).

Already fully immersed in the world of music, she dedicated herself to filling YouTube with her compositions and began to play at high school parties. At one of these parties, luck, and her talent, wanted the daughter of a music manager to notice her. He passed her YouTube videos to Alejando Sanz. At the age of 19, Victoria was on the biggest stages opening the concerts of Alejandro Sanz’s “Syrup” Tour and, in a short time, she signed a contract with Sony Music for the publication of her first album, “Mírame”. Recorded in the Vista Music studios in Barcelona, ​​produced by Isaac Luque and with a style reminiscent of dance and lyrical styles.

People were already beginning to talk about Victoria as a new promise of Spanish pop. But she was aware that she still had a long way to go, many things to learn.


Victoria’s passage through our school

More than a new pop promise, Victoria saw herself as an artist, composer and pianist who had to complete her training in order to carve out her career in the world of music. And she was clear on how to approach her path. At Microfusa she completed the Diploma in Music Production, giving a much broader perspective to her creativity.

Victoria only has good memories of her time at our school. Remember especially the feeling of family that is created in the relationship with teachers and classmates. It highlights the difference of philosophies with other schools. An equally serious and strict but more humane methodology.

In the interview she explains how much she has learned in the Music Production course and how it has enriched her background as a creator. And how her time at school has created a network of contacts that has also helped her in her new creations.

After passing through Microfusa, Victoria has created her new project VICCO in which she shows an evolution of her style incorporating more urban touches. She has also signed a contract as an author and composer with the publisher Warner Chappell Spain and has composed for artists such as Mireya Bravo, Flori, María Escarmiento and Edurne.

Her advice for those of you who are considering starting a course like Musical Production from scratch is, above all, not to panic. She explains that, in her case, the first few days she was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information she received, but that in the end, with work, practice and study, it is something that can be achieved.

In five years, Victoria sees herself living in the world of music, but she is clear that it is a process that goes through continuous training. That is why she is clear that in the future she plans to study the Sound Engineering course because, in this world, the more you know the better you are.

And you know. If you want to carve out a future for yourself in the world of music, don’t be afraid, visit our school and discover the courses with which to take the first step in your career.


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