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Fifth installment of the Microfusa Testimonials in which we present the personal experiences of our former students and how they have taken advantage of our training to focus their career


In the first installment of the Microfusa Testimonials we introduced you to Aubor, DJ and producer on the way to consolidate his career. In the second installment we introduced you to the music producer and sound technician Mateo Amaya. The third installment was dedicated to the experiences of the singer and composer Sebastian Hartley (aka Seb Heart). The fourth was the turn to learn about the experiences in our school of Victoria Riba (aka VICCO), a composer who has greatly expanded her expectations with the Artistic Diploma in Music Production. Today, in the fifth installment of the Microfusa Testimonials we introduce you to Julen Larrañaga (aka FEZE, aka Julen Larra), a young Basque who came to Barcelona to train as a producer.


Julen Larrañaga, one’s feet on the ground

Born in Mondragón, Julen is a young man who has always been in contact with music. Whether it’s playing the euphonium in the town band, learning in music school, or drumming in a group, music has always been his passion. And it is that very soon he discovered that, together with the cinema, another of his passions, only a few notes were capable of transmitting feelings and emotions. In fact, it didn’t take long for him to realize that what excited him about a movie was precisely its soundtrack. In this way, he understood that music was the only art capable of making him travel back in time, remind him of a smell, a feeling or a day at the beach with friends. And he decided that he would dedicate his efforts to transmit those same sensations in his compositions.

He started by composing music using sheet music from a web page that allows you to reproduce previously written melodies and harmonies. But it didn’t take long for him to discover electronic music and DAWs, and everything changed. He began to investigate how to look at structures, harmonies, sounds, tuning and, in no time, he began to publish his own songs.

After 3 or 4 years focused solely on electronic music, lately it has opened up to more urban environments such as trap, R&B, reggaeton or even pop. Fields on which he has also investigated and that have opened many doors for him. Currently, he follows two artistic lines. As Julen Larra, he continues to focus on electronic music and as FEZE, he focuses more on urban music (rap, trap, dancehall, Afrobeat, R&B, …).


His time at the Microfusa School

At the Microfusa School Julen he completed the Artistic Diploma in Music Production, then went to Solent University to study the degree in Popular Music Production. From his time at the school in Barcelona, in addition to the impact of moving from Mondragón to Barcelona, what he remembers most is the good atmosphere of the center, the close and family spirit and the relationship with his classmates.

It is interesting how Julen sees his situation and the possible outcomes of his career. A career that is achieved through training and hard work. As he says “chop stone, chop stone” and go out, make contacts… and “without drinking and sleeping little”;)

And you already know that if you are passionate about the world of music and want to carve out a future for yourself, break a stone, visit our school and take a look at the courses that may represent a first step in your career.


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